The Benefits of Steaming your Yoni

Yoni – Steaming

Vaginal (Yoni) Steams are beneficial for all women. They can be therapeutic as well as healing for us as they encourage us to reconnect with ourselves and become more in tune with our sacred centre – if doing one, my advice would be to set aside an evening to pamper yourself and include a yoni steam in that pampering session. My sessions usually consist of some yoga, chakra meditation a detox bath (w/ himalayan sea salt) and a yoni steam. Normally done at the weekend – this helps me to get my mind, body and soul back in tune for the week ahead.

How they work

Yoni steams work by bringing heat to the womb and opening the pores which allows the herbs to penetrate the tissues and bring about healing. They increase the circulation of healthy blood in the reproductive system and thin vaginal mucus thus improving the pH and bacterial flora within the vagina. When dried herbs are placed in the hot water, the volatile oils (which have medicinal properties) are able to enter the bloodstream.  Different herbs have different properties and so will have different effects on the womb and vaginal area.

When putting together herbal blends the aim is to combine herbs that will work in harmony to nourish, tone and heal the yoni through promoting cleansing/toxin removal. Therefore, don’t be alarmed when your yoni starts to purge the toxins, this may present itself as a discharge so wearing a thin pantyliner during this time would be beneficial.

Note: Do not use essential oils in your yoni steam, this is because they may burn the delicate tissues of the genital area.

The purpose of the yoni-steam is to cleanse the vaginal tissues and the uterus. This means they are very beneficial for women who have fertility conditions, and/or stagnant blood flow during their cycle.

This would include:


– dysmenorrhea

– brown/purple blood

-blood clotting

– endometriosis


– amenorrhea

– uterine fibroids

Other conditions may include:

-uterine weakness or prolapse

– reproductive adhesion/scar

– vaginal tear or episiotomy


When NOT to do a Yoni-steam

 – during menstruation

– if you have a vaginal infection

– on open wounds/sores

– if you are/think you are pregnant


Overall Benefits:

– Reduce pain, bloating and exhaustion associated with menstruation.

-Reduce purple/brown blood and clotting during menstruation

– Regulate irregular or absent menstrual cycles.

– Support healing of the reproductive organs and treat reproductive conditions inc. infertility.

– Assist with the healing of hemorrhoids.

– Help to maintain healthy odour in the vagina.

– Relieve symptoms of menopause including dryness or pain during intercourse.

– Detoxify the womb and remove toxins from the body.

– Improve tone/tightness of vaginal walls, thus improving sexual intercourse.

 Conducting a Yoni-Steam

What You Will Need:

 – A slatted chair/ commode or modified stool/chair

– 2 large blankets

– A large stainless steel pot (gallon of boiled water)

– 1 Cup – Herbs


  1. Place your chair, blanket, and whatever else you may want in a location that will be comfortable ( a reading book may be useful or you can take the time to write in a journal). Place a cutting board under the chair, or place chair on a tile floor. Have a glass of water on hand, play some soft music, light a candle/cone/incense. Remove all garments and underwear from your bottom half, keep your top half warm.
  2. Boil 1 gallon of water with 1 cup herb mixture for 10 minutes. Continue to steep off of the stove for an additional 5 minutes.  Place pot or bowl under the chair/stool.
  3. Test how hot the steam is – remember your genitals are very sensitive to heat, you do not want to burn them!
  4. Sit down. Be sure you are not wearing underwear and none of your clothing is hanging in the pot.
  5. Cover your entire lower half, all the way to the ground with the first blanket. Tuck in the sides of the blanket to keep the steam in.
  6. Wrap the second blanket around the upper half of your body. .
  7. Steam for 20-30 minutes. Do not be alarmed when you feel a pulling feeling during the steam – this is the toxins being drawn out.
  8. Remove blanket and rest for the evening- or at least an hour after steaming. Keep your body as warm as possible.

Yoni-steams are best done every 1-2 weeks when treating a fertility/reproductive issue. For general maintenance, do 2-3 times a year.

If you have any questions regarding Yoni-steams or the herbs we use, please feel free to contact us.

Peace, Love & Light!

Twaniqueca x


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